Amphenol 320 Coaxial Relay

These are not your normal cheap relays.

The Amphenol 320 is a Mil Spec Coaxial relay.

Amphenol 320-10931 Coaxial relay

0-3 GHz 1000W N Type Mil Spec

As you can see from the Amphenol catalogue nothing in their range at the time came close to the 320. I consider this relay to be up there with my favourite coaxial relay the Dow-Key 402A. The high spec version of their famous 402. 

As Radio Hams we quite rightly associate the name Amphenol with quality. When buying connectors se take it as read that an Amphenol RF connector is the best available to both us and the military. The 320 relay is no exception.

The specifications for the 320 include exceptional isolation figures which are especially important when running QRO on VHF/UHF Whilst keeping the insertion loss to a very minimum.

Below are my VNA sweeps for 50 MHz to 1.2GHZ


VSWR and Insertion Loss (S21 Gain)


Isolation (S21 Gain)