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SDR Switch 2

0-70MHz 100W RXin RXout SDR Switch.

0-70MHz 100W RXin RXout SDR Switch.

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 0-70 MHz 100W  SDR Switch  RXin Rxout 

The RXin RXout Switch is a very versatile product designed to work with your current transceiver. It will allow you to safely insert, amongst other things, an SDR RX, a Band Pass Filter (BPF), a Pre-Amp (LNA) or attenuator in the receive only side of your station. These will be completely, and safely, bypassed when you transmit. 

0-70 MHz Specs products are designed to have the lowest Insertion Loss and VSWR of any SDR Switch on the market. These are the most important measurements when choosing which SDR Switch is most suitable for your application. For help understanding these numbers, and the VNA sweep pictures, please click here. They are the only SDR Switches designed by Weak Signal VHF/EME operators for use on HF, 50MHz and 70MHz without causing serious degradation to an already weak signal. 

Whilst in receive the signal path from your antenna is connected from the ANT BNC to the RXout BNC. The RXin BNC is connected to the TX BNC and your transceiver. In between the RXout BNC and the RXin BNC you can install all of your RX only devices that require protection.  


When transmitting the signal from your transceiver goes from the TX BNC straight to the ANT BNC, therefor protecting all of your RX only components. 

TX Path

With the 12VDC supply power removed, either by choice or by accident, both the TX signal path and the RX signal path are the same path as the TX path. Signals go from the TX BNC straight to the ANT BNC on both TX and RX. This helps prevent any accidental damage to your RX chain during a power loss or indeed if you just want to use only your radio for both transmit and receive. 

When using the RXin RXout switch with an SDR receiver you, have the option of either using just your SDR as the sole RX or, with the insertion of a 2 way power divider of your choice, feeding the signal back to the RXin to your rig. This will effectively give you dual RX capabilities but does come with a minimum of 3dB loss to the signal and will raise your N.F. by approximately 3dB. If you have an Pre-Amp installed before the power divider, then the 3 dB loss should not be noticeable.  Both setups, as well as some other installation ideas, can be seen on the RXin RXout setup page.

RXin RXout rear panel

One of the original design criteria for the RXin RXout switch was to allow for the installation of a RX only Pre-Amp. A switched 12VDC supply has been made available on the rear of the RXin RXout Switch to provide power to your LNA in RX mode. When you TX the power to the LNA is removed, therefor adding another layer of protection. Changing bands? Just change out the your RX only LNA to the one for the new frequency. There is no need to buy expensive TX/RX Pre-Amps for each band. The RXin RXout takes care of all of the switching and protection for you RX only Pre-Amps.

An RCA connector, labeled AMP, has been installed to provide a PPT source to key your Amplifier, Transverter or any other accessory that requires a ground loop PTT. 

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