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SDR Switch 1

SDR Switch 0-70 MHz 100W

SDR Switch 0-70 MHz 100W

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Designed for the DX'er

0-70 MHz SDR Switch Specs products are designed to have the lowest Insertion Loss and VSWR of any SDR Switch on the market. These are the most important measurements when choosing which SDR Switch is most suitable for your application. For help understanding these numbers, and the VNA sweep pictures, please click here. They are the only SDR Switches designed by Weak Signal VHF/EME operators for use on HF, 50MHz and 70MHz without causing serious degradation to an already weak signal.

The SDR Switch is designed to allow you to use the best possible SDR receiver for your RX whilst still using your current 100W HF, 50 MHz or even 70 MHz transceiver for your TX. The SDR Switch integrates your SDR receiver as your station receiver rather than just wasting it as a Panadapter.

When using this switch your SDR will be your sole RX and does not share the RX of your rig. 

SDR Switch basic set up.

Why only use your SDR to RX?

When it comes to working DX every dB counts. Insertion Loss is most important number you should consider when choosing which SDR Switch is most suitable for your application. Any loss prior to your SDR receiver, or Pre-Amp, increases the Noise Figure of your entire receive system. Running dual receivers, with your SDR Rx and the receiver of your transceiver, adds a minimum of 3dB signal loss, as well as a 3dB increase in the Noise Figure of each receiver. Some SDR Switches have an Insertion Loss as high as 19.6dB.

For those of you who would like to run Dual Receive I suggest that you take a look at the RXin RXout SDR Switches for 0-70 MHz and 0-450 MHz.

SDR Switch RX path.When the SDR Switch is in receiver mode the signal goes from the ANT BNC to the RX BNC. This is the default, no 12VDC applied, path. All of your RX only components will be safely protected when installed after the RX BNC.

SDR Switch transmit pathOn transmit your transceiver's PTT keys the SDR Switch and your transmit signal path from your rig goes via the TX BNC straight to the ANT BNC. The Isolation protects all of the components in your receive system.

For more information on setting up your SDR Switch and SDR RX please refer to the SDR Setup page.


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