Lime SDR Transceiver 100 kHz - 3.8 GHz

Lime SDR Transceiver

100 kHz - 3.8 GHz TX/RX

61.44 MHz Bandwidth


Compatible with SDR Console

 The Lime SDR can run on SDR Console in both TX and RX modes thus giving you a HF- 3.8 GHz transceiver running on the best SDR Software possible. 

When using your Lime SDR Transceiver with SDR Console you can open up to 24 Receivers at once. These will become active once they fall into your chosen BW.

Your Receivers can all be on one band or any combination of bands between 100kHz and 3.8 GHz. Just select the Receiver and you Lime SDR Transceiver will band hop making it a great choice for contesting on the higher bands. 


Multiple antenna SMA connections.

USB 3.0 Computer Interface 

External DC power connector.

SMA connectors for an External Frequency Reference.