Nano VNA v R&S

$340,000 R&S v $100 NANO VNA

Whilst at the 47th New England Weak Signal Society conference I was lucky enough to get Greg from Rhodes and Schwarz to test my SDRSwitches, amongst other things, using a wonderful piece of Rhodes and Schwarz test equipment.

As I had the exact same SDRSwitches that Greg tested for me with the Rhodes and Schwarz I decided it would be the perfect time to measure the same switches on my Nano-VNA F and compare the results. 

For those of you not too familiar with VNA sweeps the following page might be a good primer.

Whilst obviously the $340,000 R&S was calibrated with a very precise $$$$ calibration set my $100 Nano VNA F was calibrated with the set which were supplied with the Nano. I did however upgrade the cables.


The above 2 sweeps give you an overview of the SDRSwitch 0-450 MHz switch but let's take a closer look at each band individually.