Why do I need an SDR Switch?


Very simply an SDR Switch allows you to receive on your SDR RX whilst transmitting on your transceiver.

Even the most basic SDR receiver is probably a better receiver than than the one in your current transceiver. 

For those new to SDR's may have difficulty believing that an inexpensive, small, computer plug in can be a better receiver than their expensive transceiver from one of the big three manufactures. Many start off by considering an SDR as just a Panadapter to provide a pretty picture. Using an SDR just as a panadapter is a little like buying Ferrari just to drive to Walmart. It will do it but Oh what a waste. 

Software such as SDR Console  integrates your current transmitter and the SDR RX of your choice into one seamless transceiver. A click on the screen with your mouse will change the settings on your radio and likewise turn the dial on your transmitting rig and the SDR will follow suit on your computer screen.

SDR Console

An SDRSwitch, or RXin/RXout Switch, is the hardware that connects the two together. 

SDR SwitchSDR Switch

All of the SDRSwitch.com products are designed with the minimum possible insertion loss making them ideal for the HF DX'er or the VHF weak signal operator.